Kites for Beginners

If you are looking online at kites for beginners, you will find as much information as different kites. – So we’d like to mention a couple of useful pointers to consider for you from our experience:

  • Most beginners don’t like to spend a lot money on their first kite, even if it would be sensible to do so, because quality has its price.
  • Size matters, but bigger is not necessarily better.
  • Beginners like to fly kites in high winds. When tree branches are swaying or the waves are high, is considered “great kite weather”. For that reason a beginners kite has to be robust.
  • Starters will push kites to their limits. Best to chose strong materials, like ripstop nylon for the sail and a solid carbon frame.
  • Kites for beginners have to be easy to fly, be capable of all basic moves and they shouldn’t be too sensitive to control and steer either.
  • A beginner kite should fly consistently in all areas of the wind’s power zone.
  • Most beginners are far away from tricks and freestyle flying, for that reason a pure freestyler is not recommended as a very first kite.
  • Always have a look at the whole package and its contents. It is important that stunt kites for beginners come with a good set of braided flying lines, two hand straps (not reels) and a decent kite bag to store your lines and kite.

Our Colours-in-motion (CIM) range ticks all the right boxes for a great experience for a stunt kite novice. Read more …

New postal rates

Kites are light to ship, but need sturdy packaging, and are generally an awkward size for shipping.

An Post have increased their postal rates for letters, parcels and packets. Effective from 13th April. > Increases of between 12% and 39% across the full range of mail services are necessary for An Post to continue to meet its Universal Service Obligation.


Until now we have absorbed certain price increases. Unfortunately we have to pass on a part of costs for postage and packaging. From today on small kite orders shipped within Ireland are €8.50 and larger kites are €12.50. This is our second increase in shipping costs since our beginning 12 years ago.

You still can avail of free shipping for orders over €150 or pick up your kite in our shop …

Lifter Kite for KAP

Looking for a lifter kite suitable for KAP (Kite Aerial Photography)? – KAP is less noisier than drones and you only need batteries for your camera. 🙂


The Box Delta is a combination of a Delta and a classic box kite.

The Box Delta combines the advantages of both kites: a large sail area and several surfaces for stabilisation. This kite is suitable for KAP because of its stable flying properties. It will lift small cameras, smart phones, GoPro cameras or line laundry.

Flight characteristics

The Box Delta is stabilised by the large sail areas and the box element. The special construction offers a very good lift and a wide wind range. The kite withstands even bumpy coastal winds.

Tails are removable. – More info …

Sail Sale

We are offering a 10% discount on all items in our online store until the end of February 2017.

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Longer days means we can get out more and get to fly more …