Reloaded Kite History

Some amazing development from the early version of Level One’s “Easy Reloaded” in 2007 to the 2013 prototype version first called “Reloade-t” and pimped by PAW to the present “Reloaded” kite series.

You can follow the improvement of the Reloaded kite in videos; not just of the kite, but also of the advancement of tricks and flying techniques. A great example of kaizen.

Easy Reloaded:



Kite prices and stock levels

Coulours-in-Motion have adjusted their kite prices. Changes are basically, that smaller kites got a little more expensive and the bigger ones have come down a notch. CIM have launched a new MUST HAVE range with great value for money. Exciting times ahead …


Level One’s popular kites EASY2 and RELOADED are now back in stock. Both come in a new colour scheme: yellow and teal (see below).

Please throw us a line, if you are interested.
May the wind always be at your back …


How to extend kite lines

FAQ: How to extend dual kite lines? – You can make them longer by adding a so called “leader set” in required length. Just use your usual larks head knot between bridle and flying lines.

Kite Line Leaders

Leaders are also useful to protect your kite from the flying lines cutting into your sail when flying wrapped-up manoeuvres. For those kind of leaders we recommend a thicker line, e.g. bridle line and a length of approx. 2.5m.

Revolution Travel Kite


The newest addition to Rev kites is the Revolution Travel Kite. Great for anyone that still wants to fly a kite when they are away on business or on holidays. The travel kite is a kite, line, and handles in a All-In-One travel package which fits in your luggage, or on your motorcycle, or bike.

The travel kite was put together with the help of many friends who travel for business, who were getting to their destination and not being able to fly once they got there. The new Travel Kite fits right in your carry-on and travels very well, and lets you have a kite to play with whenever you are ready.

Voted “Best New Kite Product of 2013” by the Kite Trade Association.


Here’s what you get in the package:
• 1.5 Rev Sail
• Complete 10 piece travel frame (+ 2 free extra sections)
• Standard 13″ handles and Laser Pro Gold line set, 90lb x 80ft.
• Travel case measuring only 50cm / 19.5″, so it will fit in most carry-ons and some briefcases.

Now in stock for the same price as the Rev 1.5 SLE. Just order the 1.5 SLE and state “travel pack” when making payment.