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Tricky Flickery

Blast from the past. Tricky Flickery stunt kite video from 1996. (A leap year like 2024.) Classic ‪‎freestyle‬ video featuring Andy Preston, Paul Latham, Carl Robertshaw and others flying the Stranger‬, ‪Psycho‬ and ‪Matrix‬ ‪kites‬ from ‪Flexifoil‬. Includes split-screen tutorials how to control a sport kite.

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Kite Videos to keep

Vintage stunt kite videos for you to enjoy . . . . Sin – Kitehouse (1.5MB) Ophidion (50MB) [Download files, if your browser doesn’t play them. Open with VLC.] Cold & Wet (*Sinead O’Connor – 37.5MB) KI-Sessions 12 (140MB) Black Pearl (332MB) Gentleman (29.2MB) Jumping Jack Flash (23.2MB) Easy – Level One (19MB) Thors Hammer

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Trick or Treat

Watch one of the very best stunt & trick kite videos ever produced presented by SoulDeep in association with Tim Benson, Andy Wardley, Lars Fakkeldij and Jason Winter. Respected Copyrights. Chapeau.

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Kite Trick Tutorials

Ever wondered how to do all these fancy freestyle kite tricks and what are the names of the different moves? – Look no further, check out these amazing guys and their step-by-step guides to achieve amazing kite tricks for yourself: Randy G – Freestyle Trick Kite Tutorials on Vimeo. Martin Madsen – Trick Kite Tutorials

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Reloaded Kite History

Some amazing development from the early version of Level One’s “Easy Reloaded” in 2007 to the 2013 prototype version first called “Reloade-t” and pimped by PAW to the present “Reloaded” kite series. You can follow the improvement of the Reloaded kite in videos; not just of the kite, but also of the advancement of tricks

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Animated Kite Trick Dictionary

Kite Tricks Trick flying is all the rage in the kite world. A while ago Roy Reed Design started to create an animated Kite Tricks dictionary to show the tricks as defined by Tricks Party – the body who control the competition aspect of trick flying. > Animated Kite Trick Dictionary Courtesy of Roy Reed

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