level one


Badass Colours

Suitable for serious beginners and kite enthusiasts alike. Crafted in Germany. Achieving the perfect balance between freestyle and precision, the Badass is a high quality kite with which both old-school as well as new-school tricks can be performed. Slow and easy flyer with great feedback on the lines. The Badass likes floaty moves, you can fly with

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Kite Videos to keep

Rummaging through the server, we found loads of vintage kite videos. NB: Download files, if your browser doesn’t play them. All video formats below will open with free VLC player. Freestyle Combos (25MB) Flic Flac (7.8MB) Backspin Cascade Multiaxel (1.1MB) Tricks Tutorial (344MB) Ophidion (50MB) Cold & wet (37.5MB) KI-Sessions 12 (140MB) Black Pearl (332MB)

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New Level One Kites

Level One has developed two new stunt kites this year. 1. The BADASS – Old school meets new school Peter Maternus (screen name: PAW) was involved with the design and set-up of this beauty. The Badass is a clear freestyler, which manages old tricks as well as the new trick repertoire. A slow and easy kite to

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Reloaded Kite History

Some amazing development from the early version of Level One’s “Easy Reloaded” in 2007 to the 2013 prototype version first called “Reloade-t” and pimped by PAW to the present “Reloaded” kite series. You can follow the improvement of the Reloaded kite in videos; not just of the kite, but also of the advancement of tricks

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